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Broadway World Interview

Nicole Visco has taken her love and passion for musical theatre, and created a charismatic portrayal of Roxie Hart from “Chicago,” her first lead role after nearly 20 plays to her acting credit. Visco has crafted her take on Hart by sampling from the Oscar-winning film adaptation and her recent exposure to the Broadway version of “Chicago” in New York. She took the manipulative seduction of Hart and combined it with traits that give off a more ditzy attitude with exaggerated quirkiness.

This works perfectly with her character; who wins over the audience with a simple laugh or fuddled movement, and helps to lessen the fact that during this musical, Hart does her fair share of deceit and underhanded plotting.

Several times throughout the production, Vicso has the time to shine and doesn’t disappoint, as seen by the tremendous reaction by the audience members in attendance on opening night.

Praise of Visco’s performance is also strongly given from the play’s director John DiDonna who said, “I’ve loved her energy from day one. This is my first time working with her and hopefully it’s not my last.”

“The chemistry between us is amazing, because we were rivals in the beginning when we were fighting for this role, and we came together as friends in the end,” said Rees (Velma). “It’s been a life journey for us, and it’s been amazing to work with her.”

Another lead actor in this production, Johnmichael McDonald, who plays the charismatic lawyer Billy Flynn, had nothing but words of praise when asked about his time working with Visco. “Working with Nicole is a blast,” said McDonald. “She’s funny, she’s hilarious, she’s really nothing like Roxie which makes her such an amazing actress.”